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Services: (Up To 90% Less Radiation), Accepting New Patients, Advanced Solutions for TMJ & Pain Dysfunction, Bonding Treatments, Bondings & Porcelain Veneers, Bridge Work, Bridges, BriteSmile Treatments, Caps, Ceramic, Check-Ups, Children Welcome, Cleaning, Comprehensive Adult, Comprehensive Restorative Services, Contemporary, Contemporary Adult & Cosmetic Dentistry, Cosmetic, Cosmetic &, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, Cosmetic Bonding, Cosmetic Dentistry, Cosmetic, Implant & General Dentistry, Cosmetics - Smile Makeover,, Cosmetics Smile Makeover, Teeth Whitening, White Fillings, Crowns, Crowns & Bridges, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures, Implants, DIagnodent, Dental Hygienists, Dental Implants, Dental Sealants, Dentistry, Diagnostic Testing, Family Practice, Fillings, Fluoride Treatments, Full Or Partial Dentures, General Dentistry, Gentle, Private-Practice Dentist, Gum Disease, Handicapped Accessibility, Holistic Approaches, Implant Dentistry, Implant Placement, Implant Restoration, Implants Tooth Replacements, Inlays & Onlays, Insurance Accepted, Invisalign Invisible Braces, Invisilign Invisible Braces, Low-Radiation Digital X-Rays, Most Insurance Accepted, New & Safe Oral Sedation, One Day, Pain & Dysfunction, Parking, Partials, Preventive Care, Professional Tooth Whitening, REGULAR CLEANING, Regular Cleanings, Restoration, Restorative, Root Canal Treatments, Root Canals, Same Day Crowns, School of Dental Medicine., Schools, Sealants, Sedation Dentistry, Smile Makeover, State-Of-The-Art, Lifetime Dental Excellence, Teeth Cleaning, Teeth Whitening, Teeth Whitening, White Fillings, The Latest Procedures, Instruments and Techniques, Tmj & Pain Dysfunction, Tmj (Jaw Pain) Therapy, Tooth Whitening Kits, Veneers, White Fillings, X-Rays
Accreditations: Academy of Implant Dentistry Licensed Insured
Additional info: Restorative Treatment Restorations include fillings, inlays, onlays, and crowns that replace tooth structure that has been lost from damage or decay to a tooth. The main purpose of any restoration is to restore your tooth to its original form, function and appearance. This also includes bridges and implants that replace lost teeth. Dental Implants Do you wish that you could replace one or more of your teeth but don?t want to get dentures? Dental implants are a natural looking, long lasting, comfortable and safe alternative to bridgework or dentures. For people with good oral health, replacing a lost tooth with an implant is an ideal option. Implants look like your natural teeth, and because of their ?root? being secured to your jaw like a real tooth, neither you nor anyone else will know the difference. Most everyone is a candidate for implants. We will inform you about the different factors that determine whether or not a patient fits the criteria of an implant recipient. Factors like pre-existing disease and bone loss can affect a patient?s ability to receive implants. Sedation Dentistry If fear is keeping you from getting the dental treatment that you need; or you are unable to schedule numerous appointments because of your busy calendar, we have the solution. New and safe oral sedation means you can have your dentistry done comfortably, have more done in a single visit and all with little or no post-operative discomfort. Endodontics Endodontic treatment is also known as a root canal. In most cases you do not have to lose a tooth due to an abscess. A root canal can usually be done to save the tooth. Dr. Tozer has had continuing training in endodontics and does offer them as treatment in his office. Dentures Full dentures and partial dentures are a good choice for some people. Implant supported dentures can be a wonderful answer to the problems that many find with a complete denture. The implants provide the stability that a denture alone does not have. It is frequently as secure as having your own teeth. Extractions Dr. Tozer often does extractions as part of treatment that a patient needs. When a tooth unfortunately needs to be lost, there are excellent choices for replacement. Dental implants are usually the first choice. With extractions, Dr. Tozer may recommend that bone grafting material be placed in the socket to promote bone growth for a future implant. Other alternatives for replacement will also be discussed with you. There are often unwanted consequences from not replacing a tooth once it has been extracted. Customers Served Residential Brands Cerec, Invisalign Invisible Braces In Business Since 1990
Brands: Cerec, Invisalign Invisible Braces

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02 December 2013
Wayne Runi

Thanks a lot to my orthodontist Dr. Tozer for a good relationship with my child! My daughter was put braces here. Although she is afraid of dentists, but this time she sat still. I do hope that the results will be as good as our first impression.