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28 October 2013
Caroline Ogden

I faced an inconvenient case of bad breath. I supposed that it is the worst oral case that could be due to spoiling social life. And then I noticed that my gums red and swollen and are bleeding while brushing. By the way, it was difficult to chew and eat or drink hot and cold staff.
I was sure I need specialist’s help and made an appointment to Spaniel Julie A DDS.
After X-rays procedure, the dentist stated I have gum disease. She said that the main goal now is to control the infection. I hadn’t had a serious case, so proper care at home was to be enough, she said. Nevertheless doctor insisted on dental cleaning and I agreed. And the last one recommendation was to give up smoking as a way to improve treatment outcome.
I did my best to follow all recommendations. I keep on provide all, but even now I feel much better. I'm satisfied with the service and want to thank dentist for help!