How to prevent tooth decay?

How to prevent tooth decay?

The process of tooth decay consists of the loss and replacement of mineral balance in a tooth due to daily acid attack representing by food intake. But you may prevent decay and cavities development by visiting your dentist regularly and following all his recommendations. Brushing, flossing, proper diet and dental appointment are best ways to avoid tooth decay condition.

What does tooth decay represent?

The formation of dental caries, or "cavities", involves three major factors:

Cavities can be formed due to several factors: plaque bacteria, improper diet, oral health’s current state.

Bacteria that appear in food you eat transform food particles into acids that can be a cause of demineralization or breakdown of areas that situated underneath the tooth surface. So tooth decay represents tooth surface breakdown.


The current state of your oral health

One of the most important factors causing tooth decay development is your mouth and teeth state, including form, shape and position of the teeth as well as dental treatment, saliva and oral care routine. Saliva is of great importance, it can make the process of mineral loss pass more slowly or replace it into the process of remineralization.

Measures to prevent tooth decay

Sealants: Among the trouble spots of tooth decay are pits and grooves in some teeth, as molars for example. The only method of preventing this decay type is to use a pit (shaded plastic material) and provide fissure sealant on these areas. As the sealant will be hard, it represents a protecting barrier for the tooth surface, saving it from plaque and acids.

Fluoride supplements: Fluorides also can help to avoid tooth decay development. To provide good teeth protection, add fluoride to the water you drink and rinse your mouth with mouth washer including fluoride. Fluoride supplements are also promote good oral hygiene, helps to keep mouth cavity healthy and clean.

Fluoride toothpaste: Using fluoride toothpaste you can avoid mineral loss, replace the process of demineralization into remineralization one. Even a small amount but used daily can help. According to findings of numerous researches, it is the best and the most effective way to prevent tooth decay.


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