Benefits of ceramic braces

Benefits of ceramic braces

Ceramic braces can become a way out for you, if metal braces scare you with its aesthetic unattractiveness and correction of malocclusion is necessary for you.

Many people from childhood have malocclusion or the crooked teeth, which in adulthood gains in high importance and very often a person becomes very unconfident and shy. Braces are successfully used in modern orthodontics to correct such anomalies.


With the use of braces, bite is corrected painlessly and at almost any age, but it should be remembered that this is a long process (one to two years), the duration of which depends on the characteristics of the patient’s problem.

Not many patients are ready to wear traditional metal braces more than for a year. Metallic appearance of these braces and that fact how they look on the teeth can scare some patients. If you are one of these people, you can make the treatment successful and less stressful with the ceramic braces. For patients, the price of ceramic braces is not less important than its appearance. Different orthodontists offer different prices for such bracket systems, but often, the price is higher than metal or plastic braces. Ceramic braces look very aesthetically pleasing and attractive for people who wear it as much as for other people. Ceramic braces are very popular among both older patients and young people.

Ceramic braces have a strict rounded forms, are resistant to dyes that are often added to food, enough invisible and almost merge with the tint of the teeth (especially if the teeth are not quite crisp white).

Many benefits of this type of braces are worth noting, thus, there are a lot of them.

- Excellent aesthetics. Ceramic braces look quite attractive and beautifully shine in the sun.

- Invisibility. Yes, they truly are practically invisible. Ceramic braces are the most unnoticeable among all the varieties of vestibular braces.

- High strength. Of course, not any type of braces can be compared with metal ones for its strength, but if you are choosing between plastic and ceramic braces, the latter will be much stronger and more durable.

- Security of attachment to the teeth. Thanks to modern technology and materials, ceramic braces are can be firmly attached to the teeth. In consequence of that, the probability of split of the bracket is reduced to a minimum.

- Resistance to dyes. As has been already mentioned, food dyes cannot paint ceramic braces. You can drink coffee and tea, eat fruits and not be afraid that the bracket will change color or fade.

There are also some disadvantages in ceramic braces, but there are not so much of them. These disadvantages are:

- fairly high price, compared with other vestibular braces.

- longer duration of treatment. This is due to high friction between the arc and the bracket slot.

Plus, the ceramic braces (though all other) are installed only with careful oral hygiene compliance.


In some cases, treatment with the ceramic brackets may be contraindicated. If the patient has a severe periodontitis, orthodontic treatment will be delayed until he full recovery, because braces may exacerbate the disease and lead to many complications. For patients with mental illnesses orthodontic treatment can be denied. And in the case of heavy flowing allergies, to any of the materials used for making the ceramic braces, all possible measures for selection of the most suitable type of braces or other orthodontic appliance, which will not contain any allergen, must be taken.

Beautiful ceramic brackets look very stylish and elegant; it is a way to smooth, beautiful teeth and irresistible smile. The complete absence of discomfort is guaranteed along with it. 

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