The 3 types of cavities

The 3 types of cavities

If you refuse or forget to provide proper daily oral care routine consisting of brushing and flossing, you become prone to cavities development, because plaque is not removed. Make regular dental appointments in order to get teeth examination for different conditions including gum disease or tooth decay. Also your dentist can explain you that cavities are different and only dental instruments can help to identify which type you have. X-rays is also a common procedure for identification.


So, there are three types of cavities:

  • Root decay.  This type is more common for elderly adults, whose gums are receded, occurring on the tooth root surface.
  • Pit and fissure decay.  The area of occurrence is back teeth chewing surfaces. The cause of occurrence is improper teeth brushing. So if you don’t provide regular oral care the case will become more and more severe.
  • Smooth-surface decay.  It is common for teeth outside flat surface areas. When bacteria can’t be removed and lead to plaque builds up. The best treatment is represented by fluoride. But also you can provide regular flossing.

Plaque removal and cavities prevention

Refusing flossing and brushing that serve to help plaque removal make you prone to cavity development. It is one of the most common problems for people all around the world but it is easy to prevent cavities by proper flossing and brushing. Cavities represent tiny holes developing in teeth areas that have already decayed because of improper or irregular oral hygiene. Ignoring cavities lead to toothache and cavities themselves became larger and larger. Dental appointment and filling procedure can prevent you from infection development due to which you run risks to lose your tooth. 

So, prevention is the best protection from cavities. Keep plaque under control by regular dentist appointment, daily flossing and twice-daily brushing.

Provide regular dental cleaning and remember that identifying the problem at the early stage affects your treatment positively. 

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