Skyces: fashionable jewelry for teeth

Skyces: fashionable jewelry for teeth

For more than a millennium before Mayan Indian tribes on the territory of Central America practiced an interesting way of teeth decorating. To do this, they grinded off the part of the tooth and put inlays made of jade, emerald, ruby or turquoise “rivets” on the remained parts of the teeth. In those days, they hardly ever thought that in the twenty- first century dandies will follow their example. The modern name of jewelry is skyces (from skyce - «jewelry stones").

Today they are small, flat and very light crystals, specially made for the teeth application. They can be of different shapes:  from stars and drops to half-moons and emoticons.


This rhinestone is glued directly on the tooth enamel with a special filling material. One lining can be put in ten or twelve minutes by an experienced dentist. The most of time spent goes for preparation. Before gluing skyces, the physician should treat the teeth professionally:  brush them, dry the surface and only then jewelry can be mounted.

The experts assure that this procedure represents no danger to the teeth. The preparation for the skyces application does not include teeth dissection, which means that the teeth remain intact. Moreover, these crystals can be used as a cloak that hides darkened filling or a small crack. Instead of any defect, beautiful and trendy jewelry for your teeth will be visible. After skyces removal, the tooth enamel will preserve all its original properties without suffering after such a "make-up".

However, daring to install them you need to understand that these crystals are still a foreign body in your mouth and your organism should get used to them. A couple of hours are usually enough to stop experiencing that something is in your mouth.


The cheapest option for these ornaments is ordinary glass. But those who want to show off can enjoy crystal skyces. And, of course, they can be made of precious stones, e.g. small diamonds, sapphires or rubies. However, the latter (unlike glass or crystal analogues) are firmly attached to the teeth, so that when removing them it is possible to injury the enamel. Thus, some of gemstones skyces, particularly diamonds, react to the temperature change providing a rather unpleasant painful sensation to you. As you can see, the best does not always cost more than a plain one.

Skyces are easily removed and the patient can do this himself. The service life of skyces is determined by the quality hygienic oral care. Regular cleaning will prevent the teeth enamel under skyces from plaque accumulation and you can wear your tooth decorations up to six or eight months or even a year. By the way, this is a good incentive for the mods to a more reverent care of their mouth hygienic condition.


Usually dentists are asked to put skyces by young people who want extraordinary sublimation or stars from show business world. Celebrities usually like to wear precious stones where possible. But those who have already tried this fashionable novelty claim that skyces do not interfere with kisses. Whether it is true or not you can only see yourself! 

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