Scrotal tongue

Scrotal tongue


What is it?

Scrotal tongue condition has lots of names: plicated tongue, lingua fissurata, lingua scrotalis, grooved tongue, furrowed tongue, lingua plicata. But no matter how you call it, the condition makes your tongue look wrinkled because of fissures on tongue surface. It can be a single fissure or a number of them. Around 1%-5% of American people suffer from scrotal tongue and more than 21% people all around the world.

The condition is usually occurs with the born and becomes more noticeable as a person grows older. Among the factors causing scrotal tongue development are malnutrition and infection. It is also a common case for people suffering from some diseases as Down syndrome, Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome and benign migratory glossitis.


The condition of scrotal tongue hasn’t symptoms as usual. It is rare case but while eating acidic or spicy foods (salt or vinegar) the fissures can become deeper causing a burning sensation. And when the fissures become deeper, bacteria or food particles can collect there provoking tongue infections or bad breath condition.


As usual people have no idea about having scrotal tongue condition until being examined by the dentist and diagnosed. The diagnostic represents visual tongue examination by the dentist.

Expected duration

Scrotal tongue is a condition people suffering for the whole lifetime.


It is impossible to prevent the condition.


Scrotal tongue has no treatment. If you have burning sensation, try to avoid food that provoke it and provide proper tongue hygiene: clean your tongue every day using special tongue scraper, you can buy it in a drugstore.

When to consult a professional

If the fissures bring you uncomfortable sensation, consult your dentist.



In spite of being lifelong condition, scrotal tongue as usual does not bring any problems or discomfort.

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