Infectious smiles

Infectious smiles

Keep this dental plan to avoid heart attack!

Oral hygiene is not only aesthetic side. There is much more important reason to treat your teeth like a gold: Your health and even life depends upon it. Filthy mouth opens for bacteria a way to your bloodstream and further to vital organs. As a result of such negligence you run risks to have diabetes or heart attack. Of course, it’s the most deplorable scenarios, but isn’t it better to keep your mouth clean? Follow the under mentioned advises and don’t let something bad happen to your teeth or health!


In the morning when you wake up, what do you feel? We mean feelings in the mouth. Your teeth are covered with plaque, saliva and dead cells. It is the best medium for bacteria causing gum diseases and cavities. Someday you can have periodontitis, a destroying oral disease.

A cup for mouth cavity protection 

A new research showed that persons, who multiple times a day use black tea for rinsing a mouth instead of water, have less plaque formation. The simple drinking of a cup of tea at least two times a day possesses the same effect. You may drink hot or iced one, the only condition: it must be with no sugar.

If you worry about staining, choose green tea. The components of green tea can prevent you from a list of oral diseases.

Stick it to yourself. 

What about chewing gums? Sugarless ones could represent a kind of medicine for your mouth. Lots of researches showed that such stuff can promote the building-block minerals delivery to decayed enamel. There is one more easy way to polish and protect your enamel. Choosing a toothbrush, take soft-bristled one. Such brush (better if it has tapered tips) removes more plaque.


The older we are, the more inclined to tooth decay we become. Age and gum recession puts you at risk to have "root cavities." A part of the root becomes open to injury when gum pulls back. Cementum is the only decision to protect your roots. It represents a soft covering that prevents breeding of bacteria that cause cavities.

Another one enemy of your healthy smile is sweet things that cause your saliva pH level slumping. The solution is cheese. Eat some and your pH level would not change and if you a lover of mozzarella, pH levels may even increase.  Dessert is permissible only after finishing the entrée. A little well-balanced food will block out the way for following sugar.

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Of course we don’t mean tasty fish sauce. Tartar represents some king of crud. It is created when surplus calcium appeared in your saliva interflows with plaque. It reduces to unpleasant deposit above the gum line and gives bacteria microscopic toehold.

To stop or prevent tartar will help toothpaste containing pyrophosphate. Use this kind of paste and enjoy a perfect state of your teeth. Also good idea is to wash your mouth. It is quite fruitful and in effect the only place mouthwash does not clean is a space between the teeth.

As you see, mouth is a gateway to our body. That is why we should care about oral hygiene, avoid tooth destroying things and do everything to keep mouth cavity in clean and perfect state. 

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