The best diet for your teeth

The best diet for your teeth

Mouth is such a gateway to our body. Everything gets inside of it, passes through the mouth. That’s why our teeth and gums must be healthy. Healthy mouth cavity can improve your overall health. Tooth – friendly diet is one of the conditions for this purpose. Learn what you should it eat and what avoid to reach the best result.



Perhaps each of us at least once heard the phrase “Drink milk and your bones and teeth will be as strong as rock”. Calcium is the constituent of milk, so exactly calcium diet could prevent lots of teeth conditions, for example, tooth decay. If your food allowance is low in calcium, your body will take all necessary minerals from body and teeth that leads to a risk of tooth decay or gum disease. According to the Journal of Periodontology’s research, persons who take less than 500 mg of calcium a day are twice as inclined to gum and periodontal diseases.

Low calcium makes your jawbone susceptible and as a result of it you have greater risk of gum disease or you can even to lose some tooth.

Daily norm of calcium - 1,000 mg – is strongly recommended for men of any age and for women not elder than 50. Lots of habitual daily food contains calcium: cheese, milk, fish, some vegetables as broccoli and kale. Eat these products two times a day and you will have normal RDA for calcium.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays an important role for our body. It helps to fight off different infections and recover connective tissue. The research of the State University of New York at Buffalo shows that people who eats less than a daily norm (75- 90 mg) are 25% more disposed to gingivitis in comparison with people who follows the recommended allowance. Gingivitis represents a form of gum diseases, actually, the mildest one but not too pleasant. It is defined by bleeding, swelling and red color of gums due to inflammation.

Eat kiwi, grapefruits, tangerines and oranges several times a day and you meet the RDA for vitamin C.

Fruits and Vegetables

Apples, carrots, pears, celery and other crunchy veggies and fruit are the best things for your teeth. Their texture acts as a cleaning agent on teeth. It promotes wiping away all the bacteria. One more advantage is that such food requires multiple chewing acts that increase bacteria-neutralizing saliva production.


Black Tea

University of Illinois College of Dentistry discovered that black tea components can avert or destroy cavity-causing bacteria. This way you can avoid gum disease of both cavities.


If you drink plenty of water, you render a service for your teeth. Water helps to wash away bacteria as well as food participles. But remember, that bottled water is not as good as tap one because of lack of fluoride, which protects your teeth from decay.

Harmful Food

There are that kinds of food that influence upon teeth badly. We speak at first about products with high content of sugar: gummy candies, hard candies, sugary snacks – all of them stick in your teeth thereby destroying them. Double hit to teeth provides soda; it represents a combination of sugar and acids.

So, you see that proper diet, as well as regular brushing and dentist exams can prevent you from teeth diseases and improve your overall health. 


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