What is it?

If you have excessive amounts of tartar and plaque that need removal you may be recommended to get debridement.

What it's used for?

Patients that haven’t had dental appointment for several years can have heavy calculus build-up and due to that need debridement. When teeth are covered with tartar and plaque it prevents your dentist from examination. So before examination debridement is to be performed to remove plaque and tartar.


For patients who are sensitive to pain the local anesthesia is necessary to get a procedure. Of the most frequent reason not to visit dentist for years is dental phobia that is why sedation or anesthesia need to be provided to make them feel comfortable.

How it's done?

Debridement is performed with the help of an ultrasonic device and hand instruments.


As usual debridement is used as the first stage of periodontal treatment. When the procedure is finished your dentist will determine an appropriate treatment including root planning, periodontal surgery or scaling.


During the procedure your gums may bleed if they are inflamed. Also your teeth can become sensitive to cold and hot after the debridement. It happens when the teeth roots are exposed after plaque and tartar removal.

There are rare cases of infection as well.

When you should consult a professional

Consult your dentist if:

  • You can’t stop bleeding
  • You suppose that area is infected
  • The area is swelling

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