Why baby teeth should be treated?

Why baby teeth should be treated?

Dental diseases in childhood and in adulthood are almost identical, but still there are some differences. For example, caries develops much faster on milk teeth than on the permanent ones, although this disease can be painless. Therefore, it is important to pay regular visits to the kid's dentist. An experienced doctor will be able to notice the first signs of tooth decay and prevent its further development.

However, not everything is so simple. Even in today's world, many children's dentists are facing with the lack of understanding from parents, who think, “It is not necessary to treat baby teeth if they still will be replaced by healthy permanent teeth?" Dear Parents, remember that the early loss of a baby tooth can lead to serious problems with the eruption of the permanent tooth and with development of jaws! So if your child has milk teeth caries, it must be treated! In this case, do not tell your child about your horrific memories from the childhood about your visits to the dentist. Let it remain only in your memories.

Today, a visit to the dentist does not imply any pain, paralyzing fear or stress for an adult, so we can say about child’s dentistry. Due to the rapid development of technologies over the past few years, children's dentistry has reached incredible heights, and the dentist's office will imprint in the child’s memory as a place where he/she was watching favorite cartoons, and parents will see that it is not necessary to confine a child to a chair in order to look into his mouth. A major role in this goes to a kid’s dentist, who must also be a great psychologist.

Let’s go back to the methods of treatment of milk teeth. If baby tooth decay was detected at an early stage, sometimes treatment can even be made without anesthesia and tooth filling. In this case, the dentist may put a special covering on the tooth, which will prevent tooth decay from further developing (only on the condition that dental caries has not yet managed to get inside the tooth). Otherwise, the local anesthetic can be used, which will totally anaesthetize the tooth until the procedure will be finished. In cases when the child just cannot sit still on a chair until the procedure is finished because he/she is very scared that someone is picking in his/her mouth, or because of his temperament, the general anesthesia can be used. It will resolve all difficulties and will be more comfortable, especially for a child. After all, the treatment of caries of milk teeth is essential and it must not be put off.

Treatment of primary caries should be given the most immediate attention, and it does not matter that the tooth will fall out over time. Leftover food in damaged teeth can be the cause of other diseases and bad breath. Although it is milk tooth decay, it is not less unpleasant than the disease of permanent tooth and it can reflect the child’s health, and the social status of a kid, because bad breath, which is almost always accompanied by the decay of primary teeth, can push away friends and acquaintances.

Children's tooth decay requires immediate and effective treatment, otherwise when a baby tooth is lost, which often happens with advanced forms of the disease, the child will have to undergo the tedious process of prosthetics, which will cost much more expensive than the treatment of the disease in its early stages. Leaving a partial set of teeth is undesirable, because the absence of one or more teeth affects the process of chewing, which has a negative impact on the condition of the gastrointestinal tract.

Dear parents, you should take care of the health of your beloved children involved and treat primary dental caries in a timely manner and for temperate prices, and in the future, your kids will tell you “thank you so much for the beautiful white-toothed smile”.

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